Enemies of the hair beware

So it's been a while since I shared anything on my blog because I really wanted to share this but wasn't sure how. I thought, since Janu'hairy' has passed and I was tagged in articles about it multiple times, that I would share the article I wrote about the issue for university last year now.... Continue Reading →

One step forward 

Is it too late for a new years resolution? I'll make a March resolution or two although I am not making any promises. Since I want doesn't get, I would like to become more active, get ahead with university and spend time doing more. Now I've set out what I would like to do, I... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Reading

The difference between my sister and myself is that, as a millennial, she has grown up knowing the internet pretty much as it is today. I, however, remember not even having internet at home and the only entertainment being television and books. Of these two, I have always preferred books as a way to keep... Continue Reading →

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