One step forward 

Is it too late for a new years resolution? I’ll make a March resolution or two although I am not making any promises. Since I want doesn’t get, I would like to become more active, get ahead with university and spend time doing more. Now I’ve set out what I would like to do, I must work out how I am going to do it.

…be more active.

  1. Walk more This could be taking the stairs instead of the lift, taking a walk on the beach or even just get off the bus a stop early.
  2. Visit the gym As much as I hate the idea of going to the gym, I very much enjoy it while I’m there. I simply have to get myself there.
  3. Take a class or two Whether it be pilates or zumba or which ever other class sounds interesting…spin class not included.
  4. Go for a swim Once a water baby always a water baby, I must get myself back to the water.
  5. Set myself a fitness goal This is currently to climb Snowdon for Macmillan Cancer Trust but watch this space.

…get ahead at uni

  1. Read, read, read As a English student there happens to be many books to read and I need to get reading!
  2. Do extra reading As well as the core reading there is a lot more reading around the subject I could and should be doing.
  3. Start assignments a little earlier I like, many other university students, tend to leave my assignments to the last minute which is not good for stress at all.
  4. Get eight hours in Of sleep that is. No more, no less.

…spend time doing more.

  1. Go on a staycation Explore my uni town and find out why it brings in thousands of tourists in the summer.
  2. A UK weekend break or two I may have travelled a lot of the world but I have yet to explore my home country. Ireland and Scotland are definitely on the list.
  3. Get back to music Go back to practicing those instruments of which I can play and maybe starting a new one
  4. See more theatre/music concerts/etc Living in a city with 3 theatres and a few music venues, its time to take advantage of them.

So there it is, my plans for my March resolutions. We’ll see how well they go and once again I make no promises.

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