This thing called University

I can’t remember a point in my life in which I didn’t what to go to university, no matter what job I had in mind. Now I have no job or career in mind but I do have one year of university under my belt (well so long as I haven’t failed that is). And I can tell you it was not a walk in the park, more of a tumble down a mountain but I am willing to put up with it all the same. This past year has been an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end with many ups and downs along the way but it was great.

After finishing my exam last week, I hit a slump or just plain fell into a pit of emotion that the stress of exams had hidden for a while. I don’t often say this out loud (or in this case online) but I feel kinda lost now that I’m not working toward anything right now. Hopefully I will write more stuff and that’ll give me something to do for a while. There are a number of other things that I want to do now I have the time including learning Italian (a task on my to do list for about five years), practising my various instruments (Flute and Saxophone) and learning the Ukulele.  So that is my plan before I head home on Sunday for the summer.

But I need to let the internet know what my freshers experience was like because its not the same for everyone. While at college I had no idea what I wanted to do at university, I looked at forensics, media, charity fundraising among others. I also had no idea where I wanted to go although for a while I was stuck on going to New Zealand (I’m a citizen/its cheaper etc etc). Anyway I finally ended up at Bournemouth studying English but not before spending a year travelling. I suggest to anyone who is considering going to university to first take a year out to travel or do something you’ve wanted to do for a while, not to sound cheesy but it really changes you as a person.

So after travelling, I packed my life up and moved to B’Town. Most students move into halls of residence in their first year at university, I, however, decided to that moving straight into a house was a better idea. I also believed that my housemates may have been a bit more mature…alas this was not true. I may even consider some of my housemates less mature. If you are a tidy person,  no matter where or whom you live with there will at least one messy person and it will be hell living with them. I consider myself to be a very tolerable person and even I snapped (and thats before the assignments and exams).

Next up came the studies, tougher than A-Level but to a degree manageable (well if you do the work). If you miss one piece of work or get behind, chances are its gonna snowball from there or at least it did for me. Now this does not necessarily have any effect on your grades but it can make you feel like you’re drowning on dry land. The likelihood is that you will cling to the fact that all you need is 40% to pass each essay/presentation/exam like it is a lifeboat. But once you get out the other side a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders, at least before you realise that to get ahead for the next year you have to start work now.

I am currently at that last point, trying to get hold of my reading list for next year so that I can read all the books before the year starts and I’m trying to do the extra reading. So as well as what I outlined earlier, I will be under a pile of books for most of this summer and trying to earn some money all at the same time (oh and trying to get a placement for third year…fun fun)…so here goes…

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